Unlocking New Work Zones At Home

New. Today, isn’t this word used to describe anything and everything? As we introspect our choices during this quarantine, we are now heading towards something that summarises our changed outlook – the new normal. Suddenly working professionals found their work and home all in the same place. You now have to prepare for a presentation while dusting the furniture or attend a call while cooking. This part of the new normal feels more challenging than explaining yourself in buffered speech over a video call! But as human beings, people have adapted to the situation quickly and today you have managed to bring certain elements of your workplace to your home. Don’t believe us? Read on.

Introducing Your New Workplace

Your zone of creativity: Out of all the new and interesting things being done at your home, cooking leads the race. For some of you, it’s therapeutic, and for those far away from their families, a necessity. But no matter the motivation behind cooking, everyone now is trying to channelise their inner MasterChef! Exquisite recipes, beautiful dishes and a lot more. The quarantine has added a new taste to your personality.

Your zone of strategies: No matter what the reason is, there is one common thing which follows cooking – washing utensils. And since many of you have taken to cooking, your kitchen sink is qualified as a new workplace at home. The mountains might not be calling, but the sink definitely does. And if you don’t go, you know what happens. A pile of unattended utensils await your attention. But it is beautiful to see how this same pile has the power to bring a family together and instils team spirit. From washing utensils on a rotation basis to reducing their number in the first place, families are devising interesting plans to keep that corner of the kitchen clean and clear.

Your zone of relaxation: Did you ever think that your kitchen could also double up as a place where you would chill and relax? That’s part of the new normal. As you miss the usual breaks of chai and gossip at your workplace, your kitchen has now become your new hangout place. Instead of ordering tea, now you have to make some yourself. But the silver lining is that you get to spend more time with your loved ones. Isn’t that a good advantage?

Little did you know that your house could emerge as the hero during such difficult times. It might not be the one defeating the crisis, but it is surely defeating the estranged familial bonds by taking charge as the new workplace. The kind you are all slowly beginning to like.

And if you wish to make this workplace better, add a perfect addition to your kitchen now!